ACI Worldwide incorporates Swift Go to its International payment section

ACI Worldwide incorporates Swift Go to its International payment section

Swift Go is made available to financial institutions by ACI through the ACI Enterprise Payments Platform.

Swift Go has been added to ACI Worldwide‘s cross-border payment service. ACI Worldwide is a leader in mission-critical, real-time payments software. ACI will make it possible for banks to use Swift Go through the ACI Enterprise Payments Platform in response to the rising demand for innovative cross-border, real-time payment services.

By combining the strength of Swift gpi with domestic real-time payments infrastructure where possible, Swift Go offers a new standard in low-value international payments, allowing consumers and SME customers to send easy, quick, and transparent cross-border payments directly from their bank account.

Banks may now fully benefit from the new real-time, cross-border payment prospects by using the new capabilities provided by ACI, a global, Swift-accredited partner for more than 30 years.

Craig Ramsey, Head of Real-Time Payments at ACI Worldwide, expressed his excitement about the expansion of his company’s long-standing and fruitful cooperation with Swift. “Seamless and immediate cross-border payments, regardless of their size or value, are increasingly the standard for our clients. Banks may enhance the client experience and maintain their competitiveness in the expanding cross-border payments sector by utilizing Swift Go.

According to Tanja Haase, Swift’s Head of Swift Go, “Swift Go provides consumers and small companies with the security they’ve been searching for when transferring money abroad through transparency in rates and predictability in speed. “We are happy to be able to work with ACI Worldwide to expand these benefits to more banks and their clients,” the statement continued.

Since their introduction, ACI technology solutions have supported a number of gpi services, such as gpi Customer Credit Transfers, ACI gpi Data Service, and Universal Confirmations.

Source: FinTec Buzz

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