AlphaStreet reveals AlphaStreet Intelligence

AlphaStreet reveals AlphaStreet Intelligence

The introduction of AlphaStreet Intelligence was announced by AlphaStreet, a well-known fintech company. This ground-breaking, AI-driven market intelligence platform seeks to revolutionize the way businesses, investors, analysts, and specialists around the world gather and apply market knowledge.

In order to speed up research and decision-making, AlphaStreet Intelligence is built as a worldwide ecosystem that encourages user participation. It provides a thorough market view by revealing important insights from syndicated material and content produced through platform interactions.

AlphaStreet Intelligence will offer the following upon its initial release:

  • Global coverage: Access to corporate actions and event schedules for more than 25,000 companies worldwide.
  • Live earnings/conference calls: Live audio and streaming transcripts of more than 6,500 international firms’ results and conference calls are available.
  • Historical transcripts and interviews: Interviews with analysts, managers, and industry experts from 2015 onward were used to analyze prior performance using historical transcripts.
  • Comprehensive research tools: Press release access, a knowledge center, and all the data needed to analyze company model evolutions and strategies are all comprehensive research tools.
  • Bespoke services: Real-time Interview services and investor relations are two examples of the specialized services that are available.

AlphaStreet will soon roll out additional platform capabilities, such as frictionless interactions between ecosystem participants, AI-powered insights from user interactions, and conversational analysis that displays findings in natural language.

Vishnu Beri, CEO of AlphaStreet, expressed his excitement about launching AlphaStreet Intelligence. “This platform will serve as a hub for businesses, analysts, investors, and specialists on a global scale. We are working to build a platform that will transform market intelligence by simplifying communication between the parties that produce market information and by applying cutting-edge AI capabilities to surface useful insights.”

Source: Businesswire

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