Avalara Releases ChatGPT Sales Tax Calculator Plugin

Avalara Releases ChatGPT Sales Tax Calculator Plugin

Users will be able to ask ChatGPT to compute and investigate sales tax rates based on their region thanks to a new integrated plugin from Avalara, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation for businesses of all kinds. The first company to collaborate with OpenAI to develop an integrated ChatGPT plugin using its protocol is Avalara, a maker of tax compliance software.

Want to know the correct sales tax rate in Seattle for the $150 pair of sneakers you’re selling or purchasing? Simply ask ChatGPT, and it will use the $15.37 Avalara sales tax calculator plugin to provide you with the response.

According to Vsu Subramanian, SVP of Content Engineering at Avalara, “Avalara is a pioneer in the field of tax compliance and looks to continuously apply new technologies to automate the entire end-to-end tax compliance journey for businesses. We continue to pave the way for tax automation and have added a new way to obtain sales tax information by utilizing generative AI and releasing our plugin for ChatGPT. And generative AI is still in its infancy. With its sector-leading tax compliance platform and extensive database of tax rates, laws, and solutions, Avalara is well-positioned to assist businesses in choosing the appropriate rate for transactions.”

How to use the Avalara ChatGPT plugin?

Customers and companies with ChatGPT Plus accounts can download the Avalara plugin from the plugin store on ChatGPT. Users can use ChatGPT to ask for sales tax rates by location or to compute sales tax on a specific sale by location after installing the plugin. Based on the query and conversation, ChatGPT will decide when to use the plugin. Additionally, users will be able to submit new prompts or ask for other tax rates or calculations.

Avalara concurs with OpenAI’s dedication to ethical and responsible AI development. As a result, ChatGPT users will progressively start receiving the Avalara plugin, starting with ChatGPT Plus members in the United States. Users in other countries will eventually be able to use the plugin.

The debut of the Avalara ChatGPT plugin demonstrates the company’s dedication to enhancing the methods in which we manage tax content, enhance our offerings, and provide customer support. For Avalara AvaTax clients, an AI-powered tax classification tool was released by Avalara in 2020. It enables users to swiftly and effectively classify their goods or services to help with taxability determinations for their domestic product catalogs in the United States. The e-invoicing and returns APIs that Avalara showcased in 2022 will enable partners to give their clients the option of triggering and managing e-invoicing workflows and tax returns from within their applications.

Source: Businesswire

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