BankiFi is Listed as a Key Player in a Celent Report

BankiFi is Listed as a Key Player in a Celent Report

In Celent‘s most recent research, “Becoming a Challenger in Small Business Banking,” BankiFi, a top supplier of integrated banking solutions, is highlighted extensively. The report highlights BankiFi’s creative strategy and proficiency in enabling financial institutions to provide small companies with top-notch banking services.

BankiFi was rated highly by Celent, a renowned global research and consultancy organization for the financial sector, as a prominent player in the small business banking market. The paper highlights BankiFi’s cutting-edge embedded financing solutions, which let banks provide seamless, individualized services designed especially for small enterprises.

“Being mentioned in Celent’s study is a testament to our dedication to fostering innovation and providing real value to financial institutions”, according to Keith Riddle, CEO of BankiFi Americas, who expressed pride in the accolade. “Since small companies are the backbone of our economy, we are committed to giving banks the tools they need to cater to their particular needs. This acknowledgment reinforces our status as a reliable partner for banks looking to compete in the small business banking market.”

“The inclusion of BankiFi in the study was significant”, according to Alenka Grealish, Principal Analyst at Celent. She said, “BankiFi stands out for helping banks to alleviate crucial financial pain points encountered by small businesses. A bank may stand out from the competition by integrating BankiFi’s workflow efficiency tools into its digital channels. This will help strengthen relationships with customers and raise customer lifetime value.”

The analysis from Celent emphasizes BankiFi’s in-depth market knowledge and cutting-edge technological solutions, which have allowed banks to increase customer satisfaction, open new revenue streams, and promote digital transformation in small business banking. Financial institutions may keep ahead of the market and offer their small business customers outstanding value by utilizing BankiFi Americas’ expertise.

Celent and BankiFi Americas will keep working together to advance innovation and change in the financial services industry. Both organizations will offer financial institutions helpful insights and advice through combined activities, such as research projects, industry publications, and thought leadership pieces.

Source: Businesswire

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