"Best Plan Pro 2.0" is released by Insurance Software Automation

“Best Plan Pro 2.0” is released by Insurance Software Automation

Best Plan Pro, the company’s flagship product, has received a fresh update from Insurance Software Automation.

Since 2019, Best Plan Pro has led the way in InsurTech as the most effective underwriting tool for life insurance agents. Based on a client’s medical conditions and the carrier’s underwriting requirements, Best Plan Pro’s patent-pending technology compares dozens of insurance policies instantaneously and offers agents rates and product recommendations.

Version 2.0 combines the cutting-edge technology of Best Plan Pro with an improved user interface and data entry system to give agents a better user experience, quicker processing, and more precise product suggestions. For ultimate expenditure, term life, and/or Medicare supplement products, agents can now instantly pre-qualify a client.

Lead developer of Best Plan Pro Zachary Bornheimer says he wants to use language and pattern-driven AI to aid agents in making better decisions.

“We’ve allowed our system to learn and develop over the last few years,” he said. “AI picks up fresh information from new medications or typos. We now have access to so much information that Best Plan Pro 2.0 can determine the drug or disease someone is looking for and promptly correct mistakes. It identifies the best items for customers and adjusts to each carrier’s requirements. The system has knowledge that an agent does not.”

The program has been used by David Paul, Director of Simplified Issue Life at AmeriLife, since 2022.

“If you’re operating in the ultimate expense/life insurance market without using Best Plan Pro”, he warned, “You’re making a very serious error. The most consistent and dependable field underwriting tool available in our sector is Best Plan Pro. Start knowing instead of assuming what the carriers will accept.”

A division of the IIP Group, Insurance Software Automation (ISA) is a market-leading provider of insurance software. For both agents and carriers, ISA offers a variety of business process automation tools that are revolutionizing the sector. The most recent addition to ISA’s arsenal of agent sales tools is Best Plan Pro 2.0.

Source: PRNewswire

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