BitMart Elevates Trading Experience with New Futures V2.0 System

BitMart, a leading global digital asset trading platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Futures V2.0 System! This new system brings significant performance updates and improvements designed to enhance the trading experience for all users.

Revolutionize Your Trading Game with Futures V2.0

The Futures V2.0 System represents BitMart’s latest-generation futures trading system, incorporating a series of technical optimizations aimed at providing a more robust, stable, and efficient trading environment. During the transition period, both Futures V1.0 and V2.0 will run concurrently. However, the Futures V1.0 system will eventually be phased out after the final transition.

As the Futures V1.0 system will eventually be phased out, users are advised to gradually transfer their assets to the Futures V2.0 system for trading. Once users switch to the Futures V2.0, they can click on [Transfer] on either the trading page or the assets page to transfer assets from the Futures V1.0 account to the spot account, and then transfer them to the Futures V2.0 account. It is important to note that direct transfers between the Futures V1.0 and Futures V2.0 accounts are not allowed.

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Discover the Key Features and Exciting Improvements

The key features and improvements of the Futures V2.0 System include significant enhancements in system performance, which reduce trading latency by at least 50% compared to Futures V1.0. The new system also offers improved liquidity through enhanced trading efficiency for liquidity providers, resulting in better overall trading liquidity.

Core matching capabilities have been dramatically improved, with a 50-fold increase, providing users with a superior trading experience. Additionally, order and data query speeds have been increased by 5 times, and the overall system stability has seen significant improvements.

The copy trading function will not be supported in the Futures V2.0 during the transition period. Users can only use the Futures V1.0 for copy trading. The copy trading function will be launched on the Futures V2.0 when the Futures V1.0 is offline. The Open API feature is also not supported in the current version of Futures V2.0, with separate notifications to be provided regarding its specific opening schedule.

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