Capco Increases Community Banking Activities in the U.S.

Capco Increases Community Banking Activities in the U.S.

The international technology and management consulting firm Capco is enhancing support for US community banks and credit unions by growing its community banking practice. This growth will help institutions compete with larger banks’ technology-driven innovations and adjust to shifting client expectations.

To far, Capco’s US Community Banking practice has concentrated on supporting the risk and compliance programmes of hundreds of community banks and credit unions, drawing on its more than 20 years of experience in this area. In recent years, community banking organizations have faced significant problems as a result of the emergence of fintechs, dynamic changes in client expectations, ongoing regulatory change, and developing technologies.

In order to ensure that community banking organizations are in the best possible position to provide distinctive and alluring products and services and remain competitive in a constantly shifting market, the Community Banking practice now offers a more comprehensive suite of solutions that draws on Capco’s proven track record in leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

These specialized offerings include:

  • Compliance, Regulation, and Risk: It a comprehensive set of all-encompassing solutions that may be used to determine regulatory and compliance needs, create effective programmes, fix problems, and carry out routine business operations.
  • Core & Digital Transformation: Cutting-edge development methodologies, such as API first architecture, are used to help our clients abstract from outdated technology and procedures in order to create innovative and interesting solutions.
  • Marketing: Community banks can use Capco Studio’s end-to-end marketing and creative services to develop customized customer experiences that promote client acquisition and engagement.
  • Payments: All payment kinds are covered by comprehensive advising experience in payments, including instant payments, the customer journey map, payment architecture, and modernization.
  • Data & Analytics: Advice to help our clients, regardless of their existing data skills or maturity, unleash the actual value of data across all parts of enterprise data functions.
  • Cybersecurity: Assistance with enhancing business growth through digital transformation and knowledge of how to assist clients in navigating the cyber regulatory environment in order to safeguard their business operations and increase cyber resilience.

“In addition to being a major pillar of the larger US financial system, community banking plays a crucial role in servicing local consumers, businesses, and communities”, according to Lance Levy, CEO of Capco. “We are still dedicated to providing the cutting-edge, adaptable, and strong solutions that will let community banking institutions lead the way in attaining operational excellence, improving the client experience, and fulfilling all regulatory requirements.”

“Community banks have historically struggled to keep up with the technology advancements and digital services of their larger banking peers”, according to John Soffronoff, Partner and Community Banking Practice Lead at Capco. “We may work together with community banks to support their efforts to create competitive strategies, individualized products and services, and long-lasting client relationships.”

An international technology and management consulting firm called Capco, a Wipro subsidiary, focuses on accelerating digital transformation in the financial services sector. Capco operates at the nexus of business and technology, fusing creative thinking with unmatched industry expertise to advance digital initiatives for banking and payments, capital markets, wealth and asset management, insurance, and the energy sector. Capco’s client portfolio is expanding and now includes over 100 international organizations. Capco’s innovative spirit is brought to life by its varied talent pool and award-winning Be Yourself At Work culture.

Source: Businesswire

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