Citi Makes a Strategic Investment in Virtualitics

Citi Makes a Strategic Investment in Virtualitics

The cash will be used by Virtualitics to support the continued development of cutting-edge AI solutions that maximize the value of complicated data.

Citi has made a strategic investment in Virtualitics, a firm that specializes in intelligent exploration. In order to bring more out-of-the-box machine learning and data analytics tools for exploring and analyzing data for financial services as well as other industries, Virtualitics will use the funds to accelerate the expansion of its AI Platform.

According to Michael Amori, CEO and co-founder of Virtualitics, “Citi’s investment is a testament to Virtualitics’ differentiated position within the AI and data analysis market in the financial services industry and the value that the platform contributes across multiple industries.” We want to make it easier for company executives, analysts, data scientists, and other people to fully utilize their data. With this money, Virtualitics will be able to help some of the most important decision-makers in financial services businesses more effectively.

The Virtualitics Platform gives business users access to powerful analytical tools that were previously only available to data scientists. Users can study difficult datasets and find previously undiscovered insights at scale and without prejudice thanks to the platform’s cutting-edge AI technology. Users of Virtualitics can create 3D network graph visualizations of their searches in simple English, revealing significant linkages in the data. For data teams, intelligent exploration increases productivity, accuracy, and confidence.

The Spread Products Investment Technologies (SPRINT) team, which invests in and incubates cutting-edge fintech companies that provide strategic relevance to fixed income markets on behalf of the bank’s market-leading Global Spread Products division, made the investment as part of Citi’s Institutional Strategic Investments program.

According to Katya Chupryna, Director, Citi SPRINT, “Businesses have a pressing need to extract more value from their vast data assets, a feat which can only be accomplished with more advanced analytical capabilities.” In order to provide easier and more thorough data analysis and management reporting capabilities, Virtualitics enables business and technical users to examine enormous datasets in an interactive and intuitive way. This leads to the discovery of new insights and the formation of smarter decisions. We are thrilled to include Virtualitics in our lineup.

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