CML revealed a ground-breaking development in finance and AI

CML revealed a ground-breaking development in finance and AI

Today, Capital Market Laboratories, a renowned provider of financial technology, revealed a significant development in the fields of finance and artificial intelligence. Real-time financial, economic, stock-chart, and statistical analyses have been successfully included into OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and CML is now making this special capacity available for free on its website.

Due to limitations in usage since its “knowledge” is set at September 2021 and earlier, ChatGPT has so far faced these issues. That effectively makes it useless for accurate, timely market and financial analysis.

As the first organization to combine the power of real-time data with ChatGPT’s rich language model, this integration represents a critical turning point for AI-driven financial analytics and services. Financial experts, analysts, researchers, and investors now have access to unmatched market insights, trend analysis, and data-driven discoveries.

Ophir Gottlieb, CEO of CML, remarked, “In trying to address the ChatGPT data availability limitations, we have periods of frustration followed by periods of remarkable breakthroughs.” Our biggest lightbulb moment was when we figured out a way to let essentially infinite amounts of real-time data into ChatGPT’s domain, which was a previously unachievable technical feat.

“As it stands, the tool is a true game-changer,” he continued. “The resulting tool will grow quickly. In the near future, today’s innovations will be eclipsed by even more amazing talents and ground-breaking insights. Only our own imagination can limit us.”

The cutting-edge CML tool’s initial release already offers unheard-of insights through complex charting, real-time reporting of financial, market, and economic data, as well as on-the-fly statistical analysis.

According to CML CTO Jason Hitchings, “Humans have created mindset boxes that limit thinking and we have been unaware of extraordinary possibilities, constrained by common technology. It will take some time before people fully grasp the significance of this revolution in AI. But as users engage in human prompt-response engagement, they will soon be freed from the constraints of an old paradigm. They’ll see that what was unthinkable yesterday is now fully possible.”

The new application from CML leverages hidden layers that are neither restricted to ChatGPT nor to only prompt-and-response interactions. The tool will keep improving, providing ever more in-depth AI- and logic-based insights and responses to investors’ queries.

In the future, “investors will be able to ask the tool for insights on stocks that, for example, mirror the actions of a specific stock from 2016 to 2019, and the tool will serve up data and deep analysis that can help uncover today’s market movers,” Gottlieb added. We never cease to be astounded by the breadth, intellect, and precision of the responses when our staff inserts suggestions.

Data is changing every second, he continued. When real-time data is required for the prompt-response continuum, ChatGPT and other AI platforms have severe limitations to date.

Source: FinTec Buzz

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