Copado and nCino Launches a Technology Alliance

Copado and nCino Launches a Technology Alliance

In order to give financial institutions tried-and-true tools for continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automated testing of nCino features and capabilities of the nCino cloud banking platform, Copado, a low-code DevOps company, announced a technical agreement with nCino, Inc. Copado can assist financial institutions in implementing DevOps tools, templates, and best practices through this relationship, accelerating the pace, quality, and effectiveness of their nCino implementation.

Through its cloud-based banking platform, nCino collaborates with more than 1,850 financial institutions to address business difficulties, digitize operations, and improve the customer experience. By increasing employee productivity and efficiency across onboarding, loans, and deposits, nCino may help businesses cut expenses while also improving customer satisfaction and guaranteeing regulatory compliance. Through this agreement, nCino customers will be able to launch applications more quickly without compromising quality. The Copado DevOps platform offers coaching, testing, security, and compliance to enable businesses quickly and confidently move from a sandbox into production.

According to Christie March, vice president of alliances at Copado, “Financial institutions are looking to deploy new technologies and deliver new services faster, and proven DevOps tools and processes are the key to making that happen. This relationship with nCino will speed up innovation and feature uptake, from commercial banking to portfolio analytics, by helping financial institutions accelerate their digital activities. Through a better digital experience, we can assist them in raising efficiency, compliance, and consumer trust.”

Copado is the first nCino DevOps solution that is 100% native on the Salesforce platform, and has worked with numerous financial industry customers to accelerate digital transformation, including American AgCredit, Comerica, Citizens Bank, Fifth Third Bank, and Northern Trust. The most dependable low-code delivery platform in the world is Copado, which has achieved FedRAMP, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 1, and GDPR compliance.

“For DevOps automation on Salesforce and nCino, Copado is our preferred tool,” said Sanjeevkumar Bhandarkar, Principal Engineer at Comerica Bank. “The Copado platform provides nearly all the capabilities we require; it aids in lowering the amount of manual intervention, synchronizing our environments, and reducing time to release. Copado gives us total visibility into our infrastructures and enables seamless deployment because everything is in one location. Copado adds new capabilities as part of routine updates to improve its effectiveness as a DevOps solution for nCino and Salesforce.”

According to Petra Sheaffer, Manager – Global technological Partners at nCino, “We are excited to have Copado in our technology ecosystem and to be working together to bring cutting-edge solutions to the financial services industry. Our collaboration will boost financial institutions’ capacities and streamline their processes, allowing them to increase operational effectiveness and provide better customer experiences.”

These specifically designed solutions can be found on the Copado DevOps Exchange and have been approved by users of both nCino and Copado. The Copado DevOps platform also offers support for Veeva, ServiceNow, and Salesforce.

With its customer-centric approach to providing quicker, higher-quality releases and enhancing trust across digital transformation projects, Copado is reinventing how to succeed with corporate SaaS and low-code platforms. According to a study commissioned by Copado and carried out by Forrester Consulting, users of the company’s software produced 20x shorter lead times, 10x faster recovery times, a 4x lower change fail rate, and gains in productivity of 5-7%. Organizations may also generate $4.5 million in value and a 307% ROI over three years by utilizing Copado’s DevOps platform, with payback occurring in less than six months.

Source: PRNewswire

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