FinPay introduces FinAdvisor, a new patient admissions platform

FinPay introduces FinAdvisor, a new patient admissions platform

The FinAdvisor® Platform, an enhanced patient admissions enablement platform, has been launched, according to FinPayTM, a well-known leader in patient engagement and financial management.

Before the patient is admitted, this new, easy-to-use tool provides the admission team with the actionable data insight they need to make swift, informed decisions. The medical team may quickly estimate the patient’s treatment costs before doing an informed risk analysis to ascertain the patient’s financial ability.

Tim Kowalski, CEO & President of FinPay, says, “We are delighted to unveil the updated FinAdvisor platform so we can help increase efficiency for the admissions teams and better the entire patient experience. With FinPass, an automated payment platform, and FinDigital, an omnichannel payment program, this tool will improve our present product lines. Another step has been taken to make it easier for patients who would otherwise be unable to pay for care.

With the help of this user-friendly software, providers can expedite their admissions processes and give the team the pertinent information they need to make wise and educated judgments. A healthcare provider can determine patient care costs with FinAdvisor, evaluate financial risks prior to patient care, and confirm patient benefits verification.

Contact [email protected] for a FinAdvisor demonstration. Visit to find out more about the capabilities of FinAdvisor.

Source: Fintec Buzz

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