'GenOS' Unveiled By Intuit with Specially Trained Financial LLMs

‘GenOS’ Unveiled By Intuit with Specially Trained Financial LLMs

Intuit uses power of generative AI, igniting innovation at scale for millions of consumers and small-business clients.

The maker of Intuit TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, Intuit (Nasdaq: INTU), has announced that it is enhancing its platform architecture to include a specialized Generative AI operating system (GenOS) with financial large language models (LLMs) that are trained specifically to address problems with tax, accounting, marketing, cash flow, and personal finance.

With unprecedented speed, Intuit technologists can design, develop, and deploy ground-breaking generative AI (GenAI) experiences thanks to GenOS. To address the most pressing financial issues facing its clients and promote sustainable growth, the company is accelerating innovation at scale across all of its products and services.

Sasan Goodarzi, president and chief executive officer of Intuit, stated, “Our vision is to become the financial assistant in our customers’ pockets that fuels their livelihoods and, in turn, creates a thriving economy. Our own GenOS platform and the breadth of our consumer data provide Intuit a competitive edge. We are thrilled to be introducing robust financial LLMs and are strategically partnering with top GenAI providers to open up new avenues for serving our customers and establish ourselves as a leader in AI platform for the fintech industry.”

The company’s success as a market leader in the financial technology field for consumers and small businesses clients is based on Intuit’s strong data and AI capabilities. The company links with over 24,000 financial institutions and has 400,000 customer and financial data for each small business as well as 55,000 tax and financial attributes for each consumer. Intuit produces 58 billion machine learning predictions every day with more than 730 million AI-driven customer interactions annually. With a single, unified data architecture, Intuit’s end-to-end strategy maximizes client value. With the help of this large data set, Intuit is able to quickly and efficiently provide over 100 million consumers and small business clients with personalized AI-driven experiences.

Intuit’s GenOS, supported by knowledge engineering that automatically verifies information for accuracy and completeness, machine learning, and multiple financial LLMs custom-trained on vast quantities of rich financial 360-degree customer data from Intuit’s platform to deliver humanized and personalized experiences, unleashes the power of GenAI across the company’s global technology organization. The company is in a position to offer clients pertinent, individualized information and guidance throughout our product line thanks to the LLMs, which are informed by a sizable data layer, Intuit’s network of topic experts, and data protection safeguards.

The four essential parts of Intuit GenOS are as follows:

  • GenStudio: A unique, focused development environment that enables Intuit’s developers to quickly test and improve generative AI experiences for users.
  • GenRuntime: An intelligent layer that, in response to the user’s unique requirements and circumstances, selects the appropriate large language model in real time and calls the appropriate data access points to guarantee that the user receives accurate and comprehensive responses.
  • GenUX: A library of user-interface elements and standardized user processes that provide a simple, enjoyable, and transparent interaction with the LLMs.
  • Financial Large Language Models (LLMs): Financial LLMs with specialized training in cash flow, marketing, tax, accounting, and personal finance issues. They can prompt activities like contacting actual experts and offer ideas that can be put into practice.

Generative AI is changing how people communicate with computers. Given the company’s rich data platform, established AI foundation, dedication to data stewardship, and the launch of our exclusive Intuit GenAI Operating System, Intuit is well positioned to drive the next wave of transformation and disruption. The industry is already changing and being propelled forward by Intuit’s AI-driven expert platform.

Source: Businesswire

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