Glenmede Establishes Advisory Council for Sustainable Investing

Glenmede Establishes Advisory Council for Sustainable Investing

The Council, which is made up of professionals from many fields and industries, will offer Glenmede useful sustainability investing advice.

The Glenmede Sustainable Investing Advisory Council has been established, according to Glenmede, a renowned wealth management and investing company with more than $40 billion in assets under management (AUM). The new Advisory Council, which is made up of top-tier professionals in the field of sustainable investing, will draw on its members’ distinctive backgrounds in academics, law, foundations, and institutional investing to support Glenmede’s initiatives in this rapidly changing field.

The Sustainable Investing Advisory Council will work with leaders across the company to provide strategic direction to the Sustainable & Impact Investing team at Glenmede Trust Company (GTC) and the ESG Investing team at Glenmede Investment Management (GIM) as Glenmede navigates the next phase of growth in this dynamic area. Glenmede will be better able to position itself as a leader in assisting individuals, families, endowments, foundations, and institutions incorporate ESG issues into their investing strategies and construct portfolios that are consistent with their values as a result of the Council’s discussions.

“We are thrilled to launch the Advisory Council, which we believe will benefit the firm’s sustainable investing platform, and thus, the clients we’re dedicated to serving with best-in-class advice and capabilities,” said Peter Zuleba, President of GTC, who will take over as CEO of Glenmede in September 2023. Zuleba is also the Chairman of the GTC Board of Directors. “This prestigious group of outside professionals was carefully selected and gratefully accepted to assist and work with Glenmede. We are confident that by working together, we can continue to innovate, spot emerging trends, and push Glenmede forward so that we can maintain our leadership in the sustainable and impact investing sector.

Glenmede’s Sustainable Investing Advisory Council has six outside members, and they are:

  • Carbon Tracker’s founder and director, Mark Campanale, is the head of a nonprofit financial think tank that carefully examines how the energy transition will affect the capital markets. The analysis is used by Carbon Tracker to generate ideas and insights that can assist businesses, investors, and politicians in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy and safeguarding the health of our climate. As one of the original co-founders of some of the first responsible investment funds at Jupiter Asset Management, AMP Capital, and Henderson Global Investors, Mark brings to the Council 20 years of experience in sustainable financial markets. Additionally, Mark is a member of the Glasgow Finance Alliance for Net Zero’s advisory board.
  • The Racial Equity Asset Lab’s (The REAL) Erika Seth Davies is in charge of leading efforts to reduce the enduring wealth disparity between races. She consults endowments and foundations on the best ways to include racial equity issues in their investment portfolios and increase access to finance in her current position. Erika has over 20 years of experience managing nonprofit and charitable organizations, including the Association of Black Foundation Executives and the Baltimore Community Foundation. She is the founder and CEO of Rhia Ventures as well as Common Future’s Social Entrepreneur in Residence.
  • The Wharton School’s ESG Initiative is directed by vice dean and faculty member Witold Henisz, who is trying to establish Wharton as the leading business school for sustainability and ESG investment analysis. In his studies, Witold has concentrated on how environmental, social, and governance aspects affect the strategy and valuation of large multinational firms. He has long watched Glenmede’s development, and he even wrote a case study on how Glenmede Investment Management LP plans to include ESG factors into its fundamental stock strategies in 2020. Witold is a principal and co-founder of PRIMA LLC (Political Risk Identification & Management), which serves international corporations, asset managers, non-governmental organizations, and intergovernmental organizations as clients.
  • Shareholder at Cozen O’Connor Katayun Jaffari serves as co-head of the ESG Group, chair of the corporation’s corporate governance group, and co-chair of the capital markets & securities group. Kathy has a wealth of expertise advising businesses on ESG and compliance issues. She has written and spoken widely on topics related to corporate governance, including concerns for stakeholders like diversity and sustainability. The Philadelphia Bar Association named Kathy vice chancellor; she will become chancellor in 2025. She is also the author of ESG in the Boardroom and co-chair of the American Bar Association’s ESG Subcommittee. The book, which was co-written with the American Bar Association, is a useful resource for corporate directors and counsel in understanding the relationship between governance and sustainability and in influencing ESG activities.
  • Christine Looney, Deputy Director of Mission Investments at the Ford Foundation, supports investments made through the Foundation’s mission investment funds, which include a $1 billion mission-related investment portfolio and a $350 million program-related investment fund. These funds are dedicated to addressing significant social issues like affordable housing, improving the quality of jobs available to Americans, diversifying the fund managers, and financial inclusion. Christine serves on the board of Mission Investors Exchange, an organization dedicated to developing and disseminating best practices for impact investing with foundations. Christine also participates in a number of advisory and credit committees for various organizations, using her knowledge of both the public and commercial sectors to further those organizations’ strategic goals.
  • The NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business’s Director, Tensie Whelan, guides her team’s initiatives to support current and aspiring business leaders in embracing sustainability, boosting the resilience of their organizations, and having a beneficial impact on society. Tensie has 25 years of experience working on global environmental and sustainability issues as well as collaborating with businesses to advance proactive and creative efforts that advance the field and put sustainability at the forefront of contemporary conversation. Tensie now sits on the advisory boards of Nespresso and Inherent Group, a hedge fund that focuses on social impact. She was previously President of the highly regarded nonprofit organization Rainforest Alliance and currently serves as an advisor to the Harvard Business Review’s Future Economy Project.

Four more prominent professionals from Glenmede’s wealth and investment management departments will make up the Glenmede Sustainable Investing Advisory Council:

  • Jason Pride, Chief of Investment Strategy & Research – Glenmede Trust Company
  • Mark Hays, Director of Sustainable & Impact Investing – Glenmede Trust Company
  • Julia Fish, Vice President, Sustainable & Impact Investing – Glenmede Trust Company
  • Amy Wilson, Director of ESG Investing & Portfolio Manager – Glenmede Investment Management

Source: FinTec Buzz

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