GoDaddy to accept contactless payments without dongle or card reader

GoDaddy will take contactless payments devoid of a dongle or card reader.

Using the iPhone’s Tap to Pay feature, GoDaddy’s mobile app enables millions of small businesses to quickly accept contactless payments.

GoDaddy, Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), a business that supports thriving entrepreneurs, recently lowered the barrier for millions of small businesses to begin accepting in-person, contactless payments without having to deal with a dongle or card reader. Small U.S. businesses can now accept all forms of contactless in-person payments with just an iPhone thanks to the free GoDaddy Mobile App and Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone technology. Consumer preferences for fast, contactless transactions changed quickly during the pandemic, and Tap to Pay on the iPhone and the GoDaddy Mobile App makes it simple for small businesses to accept tap payments in a seamless manner.

GoDaddy and Apple worked together to seamlessly integrate Tap to Pay on the iPhone, allowing companies to accept payments without investing in additional hardware. Simply download the GoDaddy Mobile App on a compatible iPhone, login successfully, select Tap to Pay on iPhone, and business owners are ready to accept payments, usually within a few minutes.

According to our data, contactless payments now account for more than half of all in-store transactions, making them a popular choice among customers, according to Osama Bedier, president of GoDaddy Commerce. “A lot of our American customers already own iPhones. We will make it possible for millions of small businesses to accept in-person payments without having to buy additional hardware by integrating Tap to Pay on iPhone with the GoDaddy Mobile App. In this environment, it matters. GoDaddy’s goal is to put merchants first by providing connected, user-friendly commerce tools to all businesses, regardless of size.

Businesses using the iPhone’s Tap to Pay feature can easily and securely accept payments made with contactless debit and credit cards, as well as Apple Pay and other digital wallets. To protect the privacy of both businesses and customers, Tap to Pay on iPhone makes use of iPhone’s built-in features. Card numbers are not stored by Apple on the device or on Apple servers, and GoDaddy uses cutting-edge encryption to protect users’ data.

Daisy Alvarado, a new business owner, considered the GoDaddy Mobile App’s new Tap to Pay on iPhone feature to be a “game changer” for her enterprise. The ability to simply tap a customer’s credit card to my iPhone has made the checkout process incredibly quick and easy, according to Alvarado, a GoDaddy customer and owner of the Giving Daisies nail salon in Phoenix, Arizona. “Before, I used QR codes to accept payments in person, and my customers would manually enter their credit card details. But once I started accepting tap payments, that’s what every customer wants. I love how all of my GoDaddy products-even the payments-can work together, and it’s quick and incredibly simple to use.

By offering one of the lowest transaction fees in the market at 2.3% + 0 cents per in-person transaction, GoDaddy Payments, which powers transactions through the GoDaddy Mobile App, saves small businesses an average of 20% on card processing in comparison to other service providers. Additionally, GoDaddy expedites the frequently drawn-out payment application process. Businesses are set up to use GoDaddy Payments and can start accepting payments in minutes by simply logging into the GoDaddy Mobile App. Additionally, GoDaddy Payments allows for prompt payment of companies, with funds being deposited as early as the following business day.

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