IBM Strengthens Data and AI Portfolios with Acquisition of StreamSets and webMethods

After obtaining all necessary regulatory clearances, IBM announced that it has finalized its acquisition of Software AG’s StreamSets and webMethods. Merging industry-leading skills in API administration, data intake, and integration is the goal of the acquisition.

Through the acquisition, IBM has expanded its software portfolio by adding two new companies:

StreamSets which enhances its AI and data platform with additional data input capabilities, and

webMethods, which enhances its Automation solutions with Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) capabilities.

The most cutting-edge and all-encompassing platform for application and data integration is now available to IBM’s clients and partners, allowing them to drive innovation and get their businesses ready for artificial intelligence. Worldwide, organizations are confronted with a deluge of data, events, applications, APIs, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Financial Technology Insights: Establishing the IBM and Fintech Angle

For over a century, the fintech industry has relied on IBM’s spectrum of consulting and technology services to help them succeed. The complex security and regulatory needs of the financial services sector formed the basis for IBM’s financial services cloud reference architecture. This opens up opportunities for fintechs to expand their business on a cloud platform tailored to their industry, where they can speed up solution development and reach their target clientele more efficiently.

  • The fast development of generative AI has led IDC to predict that one billion new applications will be available by the year 2028. An organization’s ability to modernize its applications and implement AI enterprise-wide depends on its data and application integration solutions, which are becoming more important as digital transformation journeys progress.
  • Additional integration tools for next-generation artificial intelligence applications that need data and connectivity to everything, everywhere will be provided by StreamSets and webMethods, which are already used by more than 1,500 enterprises worldwide. The sector is also showing no signs of slowing down; by 20272, the global integration software market will have grown to more than $18.0 billion, as per IDC.
  • With webMethods iPaaS, users can run integrations from any location and include their results in a unified integration pipeline. In doing so, they can drive enterprise-wide innovation, take advantage of centralized administration, and satisfy local data sovereignty needs. WebMethods iPaaS will soon be enhanced to include IBM integration tools, providing existing clients with an opportunity to integrate several clouds in a hybrid fashion. Helping users create modern, unified, and seamless applications and services, IBM supports numerous integration patterns, such as apps, APIs, events, and B2B.
  • Integration enables you to automate tasks by connecting apps and services, such as Marketo, Salesforce, Evernote, and Gmail. It lets your favorite apps exchange data and talk to each other seamlessly and eliminates the need to hire expensive developers to build your favorite integrations. webMethods is pre-integrated with the best industry tools like Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift and supports several programming languages for service development: Java, C, C++, and native flow.

IBM and Cloud Developments

IBM Cloud provides a next-gen hybrid multi-cloud platform, powerful data and AI capabilities, a highly secure public cloud platform for businesses, and extensive industry knowledge in 20 different industries. Using IBM Cloud’s 230+ public cloud solutions, customers may reduce exposure to third- and fourth-party risk while speeding up return on investment.

  • Watsonx, IBM’s AI and data platform, gains cloud-based, real-time data import capabilities for a variety of data formats with StreamSets. With the help of data ingestion, large volumes of data can be transferred from several sources to a single storage location, where they can be accessed by other systems and applications. As data travels from its origins to its final destinations, streaming techniques such as StreamSets keep the final destinations up-to-date. Features like offset management and delivery assurances make it easier for users to ingest, enrich, and exploit the potential of streaming data. IBM wants to include this hybrid and multi-cloud-ready solution as a premium feature in
  • By facilitating the creation of streaming data pipelines, StreamSets will additionally deepen and expand IBM’s Data Fabric and Data Integration capabilities. As a result, data engineers will have access to a more comprehensive solution that combines IBM DataStage and Databand with data observability features and supports various data patterns. IBM intends to release StreamSets for use on-premises, on Azure/AWS, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), among other major hyperscalers. With webMethods, businesses can better navigate their complex networks of interconnected systems, apps, and data silos.

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