Innovations from CLARA Analytics will be displayed at Innovators USA.

Panel Discussion with CEO Heather H. Wilson to Discuss How Technology is Changing the Claims Process

The upcoming Insurance Innovators USA conference will be held April 17–18, 2023, at Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee. CLARA Analytics (“CLARA”), a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for commercial insurance claims optimisation, today announced it will showcase the company’s most recent innovations there. The CLARA team will show how their technology enables carriers to achieve impressive returns on investment while significantly enhancing the medical outcomes for injured workers.

Using the most recent artificial intelligence technology, CLARA Optics uses automation to automate the transcription, extraction, and organisation of medical records and legal demands while emphasising key information about each claim. The company’s portfolio of technological solutions, which includes optics, uses the CLARA AI platform to improve outcomes for insurers, policyholders, and injured workers alike.

The most recent version of Optics, which uses advanced machine learning capabilities and natural language processing models to ingest incoming claims documents, analyse their content, and alert claims managers of potential high-risk conditions, will be demonstrated to conference attendees. Optics significantly reduces the amount of time required to review documents and gives adjusters cutting-edge information in just a few seconds. This results in more effective treatment and quicker recovery.

The conference’s featured panellist, CLARA CEO Heather H. Wilson, will share her distinct perspectives on how modern technology is altering claims management. According to Wilson, “AI is actually bringing more empathy and individualised attention to claims management.” “While that defies common perceptions of AI, we have repeatedly observed it in practise. AI is assisting claims managers to concentrate on what matters most, act quickly, and determine the best personal recovery plan for each injured worker.

Along with other digital technologies like the Internet of Things, smart contracts, geospatial analytics, and blockchain, the panel discussion will also touch on the use of AI for touchless claims and straight-through processing.

There is a great deal of concern that AI will depersonalise claims, Wilson said. In fact, we have discovered that the opposite is true. Claims are processed more quickly, less stressfully, and result in better results for injured workers. Our daily commitment to innovating for our customers is motivated by this mission.

CLARA continues to demonstrate its leadership role and dedication to assisting the expanding insurtech community by serving as a Gold Sponsor of the Insurance Innovators USA conference.

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