Leader in investment technology SigTech enters the APAC market

Leader in investment technology SigTech enters the APAC market

Leading investment technology company SigTech announces its entrance into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) sector. Building on recent collaborations with three of Australia’s top ten superannuation funds, SigTech is growing its business to better serve local clients and take advantage of the region’s tremendous development potential.

“In today’s macro environment, there is a clear need for innovative and differentiated technology solutions to challenges in trading and investing,” said Amy Wu, the organization’s recently appointed APAC Regional Director. “Our entry into APAC is a calculated step toward satisfying this rising demand. The demands of our clients here are different from those of our customers elsewhere. We can provide them with the best help because we are close by.”

With the goal of making the investment process simpler, SigTech has been carefully developing its quant technologies for the past ten years. By giving users rapid access to curated datasets and cloud-based Python analytics, the company hopes to do away with the need for costly infrastructure build outs.

“I understand the complexities of our customers’ daily work lives because I was a former chief investment officer in a hedge fund. They are constantly under pressure to take in new knowledge about the world, come up with new ideas, and put those ideas into practice, test, and deployment before market prospects vanish,”¬†according to Bin Ren, founder and CEO of SigTech. “Our Python-based SaaS platform was created by finance professionals for other finance professionals. It handles all the engineering for the data, analytics, and cloud infrastructure so that consumers can concentrate on outperforming the competition.”

Source: PRNewswire

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