Markets EQ Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Markets EQ Announces Strategic Partnership with Google Cloud to Revolutionize Earnings Call Analysis

Markets EQ, a pioneering AI fintech company, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Google Cloud, aimed at transforming the way Investor Relations and Financial Communication Professionals interpret earnings calls through advanced voice analysis technology.

Markets EQ’s integration with Google Cloud Marketplace ensures that clients benefit from secure and reliable service, empowering them to leverage cutting-edge voice analysis technology to predict significant events, assess leadership sentiment, and anticipate market shifts. By being available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, Markets EQ is now more accessible to financial professionals looking to transform their analysis and decision-making processes.

Now listed and available on Google Cloud Marketplace, Markets EQ leverages the power of generative AI to decode tonal sentiment, unveiling hidden signals and sentiments that are often overlooked in traditional financial strategies. Acting as an AI lie detector for the financial sector, the company provides unparalleled insights by analyzing the nuances in executives’ voices during earnings calls.

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Analyzing the Strategic Advantages of Markets EQ’s Platform Features

  • Innovative Voice Analysis: Markets EQ uses sophisticated AI algorithms to dissect the nuances in executives’ voices during earnings calls, uncovering hidden signals and sentiments that often go unnoticed.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: By combining voice tone analysis with traditional financial data, Markets EQ provides a comprehensive view of a company’s performance and potential, enhancing predictive accuracy.
  • World’s Most Unique Dataset: Markets EQ analyzes voice tones from thousands of earnings calls, with reporting on S&P 500 earnings calls (expanding to Russell 2000), uncovering insights beyond traditional metrics.

With a dataset that spans 16,000 global equities and over half a million hours of audio meticulously mined at the utterance level, Markets EQ deciphers the alignment between verbal expressions and the silent undercurrents of sentiment. This unique approach offers a crystal-clear view into a world where every tone echoes a revelation, and every inflection illuminates the path forward.

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Industry Comments

“Our partnership with Google Cloud marks a significant milestone for Markets EQ,” said Sean Austin, CEO of Markets EQ. “By combining our sophisticated AI algorithms with Google Cloud’s secure and reliable infrastructure, we can deliver the world’s most unique dataset for hedge funds and financial analysts, enabling data-driven decision making and predictive accuracy.”

“Almost 40% of a message’s meaning is embedded within its tonal nuances,” added Austin. “Tonal intelligence is a relatively untapped market, and we’re changing that as the first company using tonal intelligence in the financial sector. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this innovation, and our collaboration with Google Cloud will amplify our capabilities and reach.”

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