Masttro Introduces Doc AI

Masttro Introduces Doc AI

Masttro, a top financial tech platform for wealth managers and advisers, today announced the release of Document AI, its newest offering. Doc AI is a ground-breaking new module that streamlines and improves the management of alternative investments by automating the data handling of capital calls, distributions, and capital statements.

Alternative investments data has been dispersed across numerous data providers for years, each with their own presentation format and style. This information has been gathered and processed manually, which takes time and is prone to error. By instantly consuming and synthesizing unstructured data, Doc AI speeds up this procedure.

Users only need to drag and drop their papers into the Doc AI platform; machine learning technology takes care of the rest. Users can inspect the retrieved data as the analysis is finished, and the documents are stored directly in their Masttro instance, making them searchable throughout the platform. Doc AI extracts data more effectively the more documents users upload.

According to Padman Perumal, CEO of Masttro, “This release is a game-changer for family offices and wealth managers. Doc AI liberates users to spend more time assessing their investments and less time recording data by automating the data handling process. As a result, valuations are more precise and timely, and the reconciliation process is simplified. According to Padman, Doc AI is now in the hands of a small number of users, where it has already helped clients achieve faster valuations and improved data accuracy.”

Doc AI comes with a number of essential characteristics that make it essential for anyone in charge of managing alternative investments. The module allows users to run portfolio valuations based on cash flows without having to wait for quarterly reports, enabling accurate and rapid valuations. Additionally, it provides asset mapping, which improves portfolio management accuracy and efficiency by automatically importing and categorizing line items from statements.

Additionally, Doc AI enables users to obtain documents directly from the source and offers comprehensive cashflow and performance data for users’ entire portfolios (rather than simply occasional alternative reporting).

According to Lucy Millard, Masttro’s Head of Global Solutions Engineering, “Doc AI is a significant time saver. Clients are able to get more accurate, timely data than ever before, and they can spend more time analyzing investments and less time recording data.”

Source: BusinessWire

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