Provenir Named "Year's Best AI Credit Decision Solution Provider"

Provenir Named “Year’s Best AI Credit Decision Solution Provider”

For more precise credit decisioning, the company’s Data and AI-Powered Risk Decisioning Platform provides a streamlined single point of access to credit bureaus and data sources.

The Best AI-Driven Credit Decisioning Solution Provider of the Year award was given to Provenir, a world leader in data and AI-powered risk decisioning software, at the annual Africa Bank 4.0 Awards for North Africa.

The Africa Bank 4.0 Awards honor the trailblazers and visionaries who are revolutionizing the fintech sector and improving the accessibility, innovation, convenience, and affordability of financial services in Africa. They honor the businesses, financial institutions, and tech companies each year who are creating ground-breaking innovations for financial inclusion.

Businesses all over the world can easily build automated decisioning workflows across the entire customer lifecycle using Provenir’s data and AI-powered risk decisioning software. These workflows can then be easily integrated with data using a single-API process, and AI can be applied to all data to automatically develop new credit risk models. Provenir’s platform enables businesses to make wiser risk decisions about compliance, fraud, and credit from loan origination to merchant onboarding. By meeting the specific requirements of the unbanked and underserved groups in Africa, Provenir is committed to reimagining banking services and solutions. It does this by utilizing alternative data and advanced analytics to accelerate financial inclusion while lowering risk and preventing fraud.

Adrian Pillay, Vice President of Sales, MEA at Provenir, stated, “We’re honored to be acknowledged in this year’s Africa Bank 4.0 Awards in North Africa for our industry-leading credit risk decisioning solutions. The unbanked population is disproportionately impacted by the existing method of creating credit risk profiles using solely traditional data. When it comes to offering solutions that enable real-time decision-making processes and place financial inclusion at the center of financial services, Provenir is dedicated to establishing the standard. Lenders can quickly, easily, and affordably use data to their advantage with the help of our innovative AI-driven technology to make better credit judgments.”

Source: Businesswire

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