Roambee Recieves Best AI-based Solution for Supply Chain Award

Roambee Recieves Best AI-based Solution for Supply Chain Award

Roambee, a leading provider of real-time supply chain visibility and intelligence, today announced that it has won the “Best AI-based Solution for Supply Chain” award in the sixth annual AI Breakthrough Awards competition run by AI Breakthrough, a reputable market research firm that honors the best businesses, innovations, and goods in the current global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market.

Modern AI-powered platform from Roambee uses information from verifiable IoT sensors to deliver unmatched supply chain intelligence and enable precise forecasting of business KPIs. This platform gives businesses the ability to deliver the ideal product at the ideal time, in the ideal location, and in perfect condition thanks to its sophisticated sensor data analytics.

The Roambee platform seamlessly combines real-time IoT sensor inputs with a variety of data sources, including traffic, weather, rail operations, port operations, and airport operations. The important predictive and contextual business signals, insights, and forecasts produced by this enormous data gathering include predictions for quality compliance, security, and replenishment triggers. This enables businesses to successfully manage supply chain issues, automate processes, promote sustainability, and put into practice profitable future growth goals.

According to Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Roambee, “Our AI platform is founded on premium, first-hand information derived from IoT sensors, enabling it to deliver supply chain or business KPI predictions that are 100 times more accurate compared to other Supply Chain AI solutions. In a time when the majority of supply chain tools prioritize Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) models, which are primarily used for text summarization, content generation, and search and may not accurately reflect reality, Roambee’s AI efforts are focused on building a solid foundation of useful forecasts. The acknowledgement of our AI Breakthrough strengthens our dedication to boosting the dependability and utility of supply chain data for businesses.”

The goal of the AI Breakthrough Awards is to recognize innovation, hard work, and success in a variety of fields related to artificial intelligence and machine learning, including generative artificial intelligence, computer vision, AIOps, deep learning, robotics, natural language processing, industry-specific AI applications, and many more. More than 3,200 nominations were submitted for this year’s program from over 20 different nations around the world, and winners included AMD, OpenAI, Microsoft, Bosch, Qualcomm, Palo Alto Networks, SoftBank Robotics, Honeywell, Mercedes Benz, and a long list of other leading businesses and startups.

“At a time when businesses are attempting to create autonomous, resilient, and sustainable supply chains, Roambee’s sensor-based visibility, AI-enabled analytics platform, and innovation offer businesses precise visibility data and intelligence. Congratulations on receiving the ‘Best AI-based Solution for Supply Chain’ award”, stated James Johnson, managing director of AI Breakthrough. “The majority of supply chain software platforms, planning tools, and monitoring and tracking solutions do not have access to fast, useful data that can be used immediately. There is a fundamental demand for AI solutions founded on verifiable visibility to genuinely empower businesses to automate their supply chain planning and execution with confidence. The AI-powered platform from Roambee is a well-established breakthrough in this area, giving data and insights with unparalleled precision and dependability to optimize supply chain operations.”

About Roambee

Delivering goods and assets anywhere in the globe on schedule, in full, and in good shape is made possible by Roambee, a supplier of supply chain visibility & information. With Roambee’s real-time insights & foresights, 300+ organizations are enhancing customer experience, service levels, product quality, order-to-cash cycles, business efficiencies, sustainability, and automating logistics. In the industries of pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, chemicals, automobiles, packaging & containers, and logistics, more than 50 of them are among the top 100 global corporations. A trustworthy business signal is delivered by Roambee’s cutting-edge AI-powered platform and end-to-end monitoring solutions based on item-level, first-hand IoT sensor data and non-sensor inputs. The results include 4X+ ROI on supply chain asset performance, 70% improved multimodal ETAs, OTIF deliveries, 80%+ cold chain compliance, and more.

About AI Breakthrough

The AI Breakthrough Awards program is dedicated to recognizing achievement in Artificial Intelligence technologies, services, businesses, and products. It is a component of Tech Breakthrough, a premier market intelligence and recognition platform for global technology innovation and leadership. The AI Breakthrough Awards give organizations and technologies in categories like AI Platforms, Robotics, Business Intelligence, AI Hardware, NLP, Computer Vision, and more public recognition for their accomplishments. Visit for additional details.

Source: PRNewswire

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