RocketFuel Blockchain will attend the XBiz Miami conference

RocketFuel Blockchain will attend the XBiz Miami conference

An international provider of payment solutions using ACH bank transfers, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, RocketFuel, Inc. (OTCQB: RKFL) (“RocketFuel” or the “Company”), announced its attendance at the XBIZ Miami conference. From May 15–18, 2023, RocketFuel will exhibit its cutting-edge payment options at the event. The RocketFuel team will be on hand at the occasion to talk about the advantages of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments and payouts for companies and content producers.

RocketFuel has assisted numerous businesses in the adult entertainment sector accept cryptocurrency payments, boosting their income and drawing in new customers. Merchants can settle transactions in dollars, and customers can benefit from rapid, secure payments, privacy, and anonymity. Chargebacks, declines, and fraud do not occur while using cryptocurrencies for payments.

Additionally, content producers do not have to worry about banks closing their accounts because they may accept payment in stablecoins or any other cryptocurrency. The service from RocketFuel enables companies to pay contractors, suppliers, artists, and workers in cryptocurrency. RocketFuel’s payment gateway is a logical addition of Rocketfuel e-commerce, which enables merchants to accept payments by bank transfer and cryptocurrencies, and it integrates smoothly with merchants’ current integration. (Payout versus Pay-in).

According to Peter Jensen, CEO of RocketFuel Blockchain, “We are thrilled to participate in XBiz Miami, where we can showcase our innovative payment solutions for businesses and content creators. We’re especially eager to get in touch with people in the adult entertainment industry and support them as they increase their payment options and potential earnings.”

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