Shield Secures $2.1M in Funding

Shield Acquires $2.1 Million in Capital

Shield, a security firm that works to shield users from online scams, has secured $2.1 million in pre-seed funding from Kraken Ventures, Eterna Capital, Alchemy, Moonpay, and several other top security investors.

Shield’s goal is to revolutionise internet security by creating products that foster growth and innovation while upholding the highest security standards. Shield was co-founded by Luis Carchi (Princeton University, ex-Facebook), Isaiah Udotong (MIT, Y-Combinator alumni), and Emmanuel Udotong (Princeton University, ex-McKinsey).

Shield supports businesses in implementing thorough security measures that stop crypto exploits and boost user confidence throughout the ecosystem.

Smart contracts have received the majority of attention when examining the cryptographic security landscape, but 1 in 3 crypto attacks aren’t caused by contracts at all, but rather by stolen private keys or front-end spoofing. As a result, simply auditing and keeping an eye on your smart contract is insufficient. Shield is creating automated defences against frequently disregarded attack vectors to close the gap.

The security stack from Shield, which protects 350,000+ users and boasts illustrious clients like Fox Sports, Rarible, and, can be integrated on any product via the API. The integrations are popular with users and have gained traction: An employee of who works on software says, “Shield is one of our most popular integrations on Guild.”

The company is dedicated to providing cutting-edge security solutions for companies across various industries worldwide, with a focus on addressing emerging threats.

Visit [website link] to schedule an audit right away if you’d like to find out more about Shield and how it can help secure your online projects.

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