Symphony is integrated with DataBank by FIA Tech

Symphony is integrated with DataBank by FIA Tech

FIA Tech, the premier exchange-traded derivatives technology supplier, has teamed with Symphony, the top markets infrastructure and technology platform, to improve capital market data query operations.

By launching a new FIA Tech Bot, FIA Tech will integrate its Databank Network into the Symphony platform, giving users query access to golden source data sets like contract details, exchange costs, position limits, cash and collateral management information, clearinghouse calendars, and corporate actions. From Q2, 2023, the bot will be operational.

The goal of FIA Tech’s Databank Network is to connect exchanges, clearing houses, independent software vendors (ISVs), and other data providers into an open, interoperable worldwide network that will make it easier to use reference data, analytics, and software from participating companies. The network combines reference data from more than 80 exchanges and central counterparties (CCPs) worldwide, as well as ISVs CQG and TT and well-known index providers like FTSE, MSCI, S&P, and STOXX.

The bot will be available on Symphony, allowing users to communicate with intelligent chatbots to obtain the datasets and incorporate them into workflows and apps. End users are able to construct and save searches against the data sets they have access to, as well as schedule notifications for these and updates to underlying data sets.

Amenity Analytics, a natural language processing (NLP) data analytics service that provides portfolio managers, researchers, analysts, and other participants in the financial markets with actionable insights, was bought by Symphony in 2022. Later in 2023, FIA Tech and Symphony want to incorporate Amenity’s offering into the FIA Tech bot.

“This agreement will significantly improve the user experience for FIA Tech customers and foster communication among our combined user base. In order to remove barriers within and across institutions, we are happy to be partnering with Symphony, stated Nick Solinger, President and CEO of FIA Tech.

“We are thrilled to have FIA Tech on Symphony to serve such a relevant community within financial services,” Symphony CEO Brad Levy stated. More than 600,000 financial professionals use Symphony worldwide, and it continues to gain relevance as market volatility rises and the value of quick, effective communication increases.

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