To improve its trading capabilities, Binance integrates with TradingView

To improve its trading capabilities, Binance integrates with TradingView

Integration With Top Charting Platform Provides More Tools and Insights to Users

Following the successful integration for Binance’s derivatives product offering, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance today announced its spot trading integration with TradingView, the top charting and analytics platform. Through TradingView, users may now use even more trading methods to transact on and evaluate the effectiveness of those strategies using a variety of charting and analysis tools.

The connection opens up Binance’s highly liquid goods to traditional investors who use cutting-edge analytical techniques to spot possibilities when investing in the digital asset market as well as a wider audience.

By comparing crypto tokens to other investable asset classes like equities, commodities, and foreign exchange markets, which are already available on TradingView, more sophisticated charting and level I and level II market data help to validate crypto tokens as an asset class.

For traders in any market, having access to data is important. More charting data helps to better educate and develop our rapidly expanding sector and promotes more acceptance among mainstream investors. As institutional clients and retail users manage the present market environment, we are witnessing an increase in demand for information tools. Users can now trade directly on Binance, the biggest and most liquid digital asset exchange, using TradingView’s interface with the ease of a single sign-on, according to Catherine Chen, Head of Binance VIP & Institutional.

Around 350 tokens are supported by Binance, which also provides 1,400 spot trading pairings and 260 futures trading pairs. With one of the lowest fees on the market (beginning at 0.1%), it is the exchange for digital assets with the most liquidity and depth.

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