UKG for Global Contact Centers

UKG for Global Contact Centers can help you transform your contact centers to deliver high-quality service, enhance engagement, and control labor costs. It delivers workforce management solutions that close critical gaps in your effort to optimize your workforce. With UKG Pro Workforce Management, boost productivity and control costs leveraging flexible tools that support your multichannel, global workforce.

Discover powerful workforce management solutions that help you sharpen your processes, empower your people, and deliver service that engenders client loyalty.

UKG has provided leading-edge workforce management solutions that help over 75,000 customers in more than 150 countries transform their workforce to:

  • Control labor costs through optimized schedules and efficient shrinkage management.
  • Drive agent engagement and manage absences to control costs and manage time.
  • Minimize compliance risk by automating pay rules, leave and attendance policies.

Download this informative product profile to learn more about how UKG Pro solutions can help your organization!

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