Acrisure: Accelerating the Fintech Model

Acrisure: Accelerating the Fintech Model

Company Announces Brand Roll Out and Plans to Operate Across Platforms, Guided by a “Total Client View”

In order to more accurately reflect its position as a leading global Fintech company that provides a variety of financial products and services to millions of businesses and individual customers, Acrisure today announced that it would start to unite the Company under a single name. Additionally, the Company will be divided into operating platforms managed by current Acrisure Partners and geographical regions. The launch of the platforms and brand will start in the coming month and last for several quarters.

These new platforms’ executives will be known as “Managing Partners,” and they will answer to Grahame Millwater and Sozon Vatikiotis. To make sure that Acrisure offers the goods and services customers need and demand, Millwater assumes the new position of chief revenue officer. Vatikiotis continues to serve as the platforms’ operational chief operating officer and chief administrative officer.

“The next chapter of Acrisure’s narrative begins today. We created a worldwide Fintech firm from scratch that runs the largest independent title company in America, has experience in mortgage origination, and offers a comprehensive range of cyber security solutions. It also operates the insurance broker with the highest rate of growth in the history of the sector.” According to Greg Williams, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Acrisure, “This product and service offering is just the beginning as we’re highly intentional about serving the full demands of our clients. The moment is opportune to increasingly operate under the Acrisure banner and, consequently, arrange to fulfill the many needs of our clients, given our history of profitable growth and the recent investments in the Acrisure brand.”

Platform-based organization enables an ordered and coordinated brand roll out at the appropriate speed and moment. Acrisure Re, the reinsurance broker, will maintain this branding.

Williams summed up by saying that Acrisure’s entrepreneurial DNA and all its byproducts—client centricity, creativity, and an unyielding determination to succeed—will always set us apart. In keeping with the strategic and fundamental pillars of Acrisure, our platforms will be closely linked to, powered by, and run by our technological capabilities and current Acrisure Partners.

High-Tech Human Foundation

Acrisure’s investment in technology gives the company’s sales representatives a comprehensive understanding of the demands of the clients, giving them the chance to meet those needs with the highest caliber of knowledge and assistance.

According to Matt Marolda, Chief Innovation Officer for Acrisure, “Our technology empowers our people to work more productively and with a better overall understanding of their clients’ needs, which drives growth for the entire organization. As part of this effort, Acrisure is also offering goods and services digitally in a helpful, satisfying way that combines artificial intelligence with the knowledge of our employees. More information about this can be found in a recent article from Crain’s Detroit Business.”

According to Grahame Millwater, “Our clients have needs that go beyond the scope of any one product.” “Under the Acrisure brand, we consider the needs of the entire client and provide an exceptional customer experience by utilizing knowledge from across the Company. My promotion to Chief Revenue Officer concentrates the entire organization on providing our clients with a comprehensive level of service.”

Together with Grahame, Sozon Vatikiotis stated, “I am confident that our new structure and brand model will create a seamless client experience regardless of how you transact with Acrisure — be it directly with our talented sales professionals around the world or digitally through the experience Matt Marolda and team are creating.”

Jennifer Anderson, a Partner headquartered in California who was recently appointed as the Managing Partner of Acrisure’s West region, stated that she joined the company “long before $4 billion in revenue and 21 countries.” “Our entrepreneurial energy and unlimited mindset have always struck a chord. It is unmistakably the key to Acrisure’s success and is impossible to fake. As a person who is extremely passionate about my team, forming under the Acrisure moniker will open doors for opportunities outside of our local company and current product line.”

Source: FinTec Buzz

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