BOXX Insurance introduces personal cyber insurance on US platform

BOXX Insurance introduces personal cyber insurance on US platform

  • BOXX Insurance, a rapidly expanding worldwide insurtech company, launches personal cyber insurance in the USA to shield people and families from the digital threats of today.
  • Protection, access to an emergency response team, and “admitted” coverage are all included in the all-inclusive insurance package underwritten by HSB, a Munich Re firm.
  • Through the websites of insurance brokers and agents, BOXX makes it simple for customers to buy the product online.

The debut of MyCyberProtectionTM by Cyberboxx HomeSM in the USA was announced today by BOXX Insurance, a specialist in cyber insurtech and online protection. By incorporating complete cyber insurance, security tools, and emergency support, this all-in-one policy goes above and beyond the identity theft insurance plans available today to guarantee that Americans can stay safe online.

BOXX also unveiled the debut of its platform, which brokers can brand and use to let customers buy insurance policies straight from their websites. The platform allows their clients to quickly get cyber insurance throughout the US after spending a lot of time listening to brokers and agents.

The solution, developed in collaboration with and underwritten by HSB, tackles the current cyber risks facing US customers, risks brought on by the digitization and dependence of online services and social activities. According to the FBI, since 2019, the cost of cybercrime in the USA has tripled, reaching $10.3 billion in 2022. Phishing and social engineering are two common attack vectors. Furthermore, significant data breaches may have exposed customer information to the dark web, leaving them open to financial fraud and other crimes.

According to Hilario Itriago, US President of BOXX Insurance, “our research shows that consumers are increasingly aware of the risks of being online and are looking for a simple and easy all-in-one solution to keep them digitally safe.” He goes on “With broad coverages like computer attacks, cyber ransom, online fraud, and cyber bullying, individuals and families can protect themselves from the common risks of living a connected life,” he further explained.

In addition, policyholders get priority access to a skilled incident response team, a 24/7 claims staff, as well as online security tools like a VPN and a password manager.

According to Vishal Kundi, co-founder and CEO of BOXX, “BOXX is in the business of protecting people, not just networks and devices.” By providing a straightforward, hassle-free method to safeguard persons, families, and priceless customer data, our solution “reflects that purpose.”

Data security is essential, and people need assistance to stay on top of the current crop of growing cyber dangers.

According to Tim Nazzaro, Cyber Product & Strategy Manager at HSB, “Cyber criminals are hacking into smartphones, laptops, and other personal devices in greater numbers than ever before.” In addition to offering simple access to high-quality coverage, BOXX Insurance also offers online cybersecurity tools and services that can actually help.

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